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SNAP relies on the generous support of our friends to keep our programs going.

For every dollar donated to SNAP, less than 0.5% is spent on operating costs. Said another way, 99.5% of every dollar goes directly to surgical costs. Our volunteers are dedicated to our mission and give of their time and energy to run our programs.

We are able to make it possible for people to maintain cat colonies through TNR by paying for spay/neuter costs for the cats within many colonies. Given that they are not having kittens, the colonies remain at a steady number.

We assist many pet owners with surgery costs so they can keep their pets without having them become a nuisance or difficult to handle because they are not fixed.

We receive calls and emails daily asking for our help. Our monies must extend further and further into the community in order to cover our long list of project requests. We are proud to say that, thanks in large part to our loyal donors, no requests for finanical assistance have ever been denied.

Please consider one or more of the following:


Click the white box below and search for Spay Neuter Assistance Program to sign up!



Thanks to the Monthly Pledge Donors, SNAP has been able to continue our vital Express Programs and provide financial assistance for cat and dog spay/neuters.


You can make a one-time donation to SNAP, or set it up to be recurring on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. You can also opt to pay the fees so that SNAP receives 100% of your donation.

Also consider SNAP for Memorial Donations, "In Honor Of" Donations, or in support of the many Special Projects SNAP undertakes annually! (See Button "Donate to SNAP Now")

Or you can send a check made out to Spay Neuter Assistance Program to: PO Box 126702, Harrisburg, PS 17112-6702

Or you can also donate on our FaceBook page (Note: there are no fees assessed by Facebook), or via PayPal or via MyGiving (formerly FirstGiving)



You Shop Online, and SNAP Gets Money for Free!
Register at iGive.com and shop online at any of thousands of iGive stores. This FREE program provides a donation from your online purchases. Please register at iGive.com/snapofpa, which selects "Spay Neuter Assistance Program - Harrisburg" to receive your donation.

A percentage of what you spend while purchasing online through iGive is donated to SNAP. You never pay more for SNAP to benefit!

Install the free iGive Button. This addition to your browser automatically tells participating stores that you want your shopping to support your favorite cause -- SNAP of PA!

These simple steps will pay huge dividends to SNAP so do it now!


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Please consider donating through our Giving Grid to support the many cat colony projects that SNAP is financing this year…

Thank you so much for supporting our mission!

717-732-5377 Spay Neuter Assistance Program, Inc. P.O. Box 126702 Harrisburg, Pa. 17112-6702